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Should you run a Design Sprint?

Are you facing a business challenge that needs to be addressed? Or maybe you’re curious to understand if an initiative is worth pursuing. Find out if the Design Sprint is the right choice for your idea.

SprintFit is a quick and easy tool that will help you decide whether the Design Sprint method is the right choice for your challenge.


Visualize the business value potential

Answer a few questions that address the progress, urgency and importance of your challenge.

Get actionable insight on how to advance

Once you have your final results, you will also receive advices on how to move forward with your challenge.

Get a Design Sprint
fitness score

A few more questions will help you understand if the Design Sprint is a suitable tool for your challenge.

Get a detailed action plan for your challenge

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Created by:

Enabling Technology

Made with love in Switzerland

SprintFit is the brainchild project of Knowledge Expert, a leading innovation and development agency from Switzerland. With the help and enthusiasm of the Design Sprint community, SprintFit came to life as a tool to help anyone decide when to Sprint.

New to Design Sprints?

Learn what the Design Sprint is and how it can change the way you approach new ideas and challenges.

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